The Truth about Parts Procurement

Let’s examine the misconception in the IT marketplace, surrounding the procurement of upgrade and service parts.

Believe it or not, the OEM or Distribution channel is not the only place to procure your parts. In fact not only can availability be questionable through the regular channels, but in most instances so can the price.

At Source I.T. Inc we strategically aligned ourselves to be your one point of contact for all major brand IT parts for both services and upgrade. Not only do we make the procurement process easy, but we also are able to provide parts to our customers an average saving of approximately 40%  over the regular channels

If you aren’t working with us you probably should be.

Is constrained inventory availability hindering your ability to close out a sale or project?

Source I.T. has built strong relationships worldwide within the IT marketplace. It may surprise you to know that most OEMs have different stocking rules based on Geography. You may not be able to procure a particular product in your area, but that same product may be available in a neighboring country.   Needless to say, Source I.T. can Help, via our worldwide procurement and logistics capabilities, we can assist you with the acquisition of the parts you need in a timely fashion.

How about Hard to find equipment, or discontinued?

Is there a specific standard or image that must be kept for your IT equipment? Sometimes there is, and we specialize in assisting our partners in ensuring that this EOL product remains available.  If you’ve been reading about our procurement services so far, it may not surprise you to know that we can Help you get the job done no matter what the challenge. Our international distribution channel is capable of procuring most products as far back as the ’80s, all that we ask is you provide us with the opportunity to help.

 “All we can do, is ask for the opportunity to exceed your expectations” – Kevin Joss CEO

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