Saving on Printer Ink – A little bit of advice

How much is that low-cost printer costing you to run?

What most people do not realize is that “the Great Deal” you just got on your printer at that retail store really isn’t that great of a deal.  The manufacturers put these printers on sale at cost or just above as to hook you into their Ink and Toner game, that’s where they make their money.


You can find a low-cost Third Party alternative of course.

Here are the qualities you want to look for in your cost-effective, wallet protecting, third-party options;


  1. Guaranteed: You need a third party Toner Manufacturer that stands behind their product.  One that will guarantee their product, better yet find one that is double guaranteed by the manufacturer and reseller that is selling it.


  1. Compatibility: Make sure that the Toner manufacturer you are using does their homework. Compatibility can be a problem in some cases so just a run of the mill 3rd party toner company simply won’t do. You need an organization that is tried and tested.


  1. Don’t believe the Hype: There is a lot of marketing out there saying that you NEED to buy Original toner, I know you’ve heard the Jingle. Truth be told that expensive marketing jingle was paid for by customers overpaying for their Ink and Toner, See how that works? Sell a lot of overpriced toners, then put out expensive jingles to scare people in buying more overpriced toner. You don’t hear many jingles for reasonably priced ink and Toner do you? Maybe so that those companies can keep their cost down?


  1. Cost Savings: Lastly, keep your money in your wallet. Paper, ink, Color, Black and white, more paper, more ink… Printing is expensive enough. You need to find a supplier that saves you between 25% to 50% from what you have been paying with original ink and toner.


This is all great but how do I fact check all this?

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I’m about to get into a little bit of shameless self-promotion here, Good News is it should help you.

You don’t need to fact check; I mean you could Google it if the urge is burning a hole in your gut don’t let me stop you, but safe to say we have already done the research for you.

Here are the goods on Fuzion: (the product we sell on our site)

  • They have a huge selection of high-quality inks, toners, and Ribbons;
  • Their prices are especially competitive when compared to the Original manufactures;
  • The Ink consistently delivers in the most demanding print environments, from home office to Corporate, to Insurances companies and even Print Shops. They have proven success.
  • Simply put their product is trustworthy enough to be found on major retailers’ shelves. If the big guys sell it then you should be ok.


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Please contact me with any and all of your ink and Toner questions. Or just to say hello that’s ok too.


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