Honest Computer Repair

BUY your parts from us, we install for FREE! I know crazy right?

Our impression of the I.T. repair marketplace is this!

Computer repair is much like the Auto repair industry. If you don’t have a Mechanic you can trust then you are opening your wallet to Great Expenses.

Here at Source I.T. we have strategically positioned ourselves in the market place to be able to offer Free Installation services to our customers. Meaning if your LCD is broken or you need a new hard drive, as long as you buy the part from us we will install it for free. – Kevin Joss CEO

Computer equipment is no longer a luxury; it has now become a necessity for both households and businesses. You need to make certain your equipment is being repaired by qualified individuals, and that the price you pay is manageable.  If you are paying additional fee’s (a diagnostic fee, installation fee, ETC.) pick up the phone and give us a call,  We may not always be able to fix your equipment but one thing is for sure; When we can it will be for less than anyone else.

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