Delivery & Return Policies

Source I.T. Inc will not accept returns unless a return authorization number has been issued.

Although the Source I.T. Inc technical team tests all products with the most current diagnostics available before they are sold, it may be necessary to return products in some cases. RMA numbers are issued only after the customer requests an RMA and provides the part number, quantity, serial number(s) and a brief description of the failure of the part to be returned. The following Source I.T. Inc RETURNS AND RMA policy will help expedite this process:

  • All RMA’s must be received within 30 day warranty period. The Source I.T. Inc  Warranty starts from the date of the invoice. Customers may request an RMA in the Request RMA. All RMA numbers will be emailed to the customer.
  • Source I.T. Inc is not responsible for damages incurred in transit. Customers who receive goods damaged in shipping must notify the shipping agent and file an insurance claim.
  • RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date issue and will automatically be canceled if the RMA is not received within this time. If an RMA number expires, the customer can request an extension within the warranty period. Returns without a valid RMA number will be refused. RMAs must be shipped on the customer’s account. Any returns shipped collect to Source I.T. Inc will be refused.
  • Source I.T. Inc warranty covers replacement or repair, at our option, of any product found to be defective within the warranty period. If no replacement product is available at that time, Source I.T. Inc will issue a credit for the product only. Source I.T. Inc will not issue credit for shipping. Returns are for replacement or credit and NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
  • Advance replacements for DOA products currently available in inventory can be shipped immediately as a separately billed order using the original PO number and “/R” and will be shipped via Source I.T. Inc shipping account. When the defective RMA item is returned, the REPLACEMENT ORDER (which includes shipping charges) will be credited. However, if the returned item is in good working condition, a restocking fee of either $25 or 20% whichever is greater will be applied and the customer will be responsible for the replacement shipping charges.
  • RMAs must be returned in the original packaging. Items originally shipped to the customer on a pallet must be returned to Source I.T. Inc on a pallet.
  • Returns or replacements for shortages or discrepancies must be requested within 48 hours of receipt of order to guarantee to receive an RMA number.
  • Returns tested by Source I.T. Inc and found to be working will be returned to the customer or charged a restocking fee of either $25 or 25% whichever is greater.
  • Any special order part is covered under warranty, but cannot be returned as a good part return.
  • RMAs will be issued for good part returns within 30 days of the invoice date. Good part returns must be received by Source I.T. Inc on or before the 30th day or will be refused. No returns for good parts will be issued after 30 days. All good part returns are subject to a restocking fee of either $25 or 25% whichever is greater.
  • Chargebacks and unauthorized deductions from invoice payments may result in an account being put on credit hold. Credit memos are issued from valid returns and should be referenced when used with a payment.
  • As an authorized HP parts distributor Source I.T. Inc tests HP/Compaq product with the most current level of HP diagnostic software. HP/Compaq product that passes HP diagnostic software but fails third-party software will not be issued an RMA number. HP/Compaq product received by Source I.T. Inc that passes HP diagnostic software but fails third-party software will be returned to the customer at their expense.
  • Any returns that do not meet these terms will be refused.
  • Shipping costs will not be refunded on RMA’s, and the cost of return shipping of the RMA is to be at the customer’s expense.


Shipping costs are calculated by using a package’s dim weight and the type of service requested, ie: FedEx Priority Overnight. Source I.T. Inc cannot guarantee shipping rates on shipments, or on-time delivery as delivery times are subject to the freight Carrier’s terms and conditions.

International Orders: If the order is a drop shipment, the customer must send Source I.T. Inc a Commercial Invoice. If the customers are billing a third-party, freight charges must be on the customer’s PO (see 3rd Party Billing Agreement below). Source I.T. Inc cannot bill 3rd party shipping between two countries. The customer is responsible to trace and track packages after shipping the order and providing the customer with tracking information. Source I.T. Inc cannot be held liable for any delay or any other issues relating to Customs or otherwise.

If the customer does not provide Source I.T. Inc with a shipping account number or insurance waiver, the customer will be charged Source I.T. Inc rate and insurance.

The customer is responsible for the filing of any and all claims, and for the tracing and tracking of all shipments billed to the account number.

In the event the designated carrier rejects billing to or use of the account number, Customer shall be solely responsible for any and all freight costs, giving Source I.T. Inc the right, and is hereby authorizing Source I.T. Inc to debit any Customer account for the freight costs or to separately invoice Customer for said freight costs.

Shipping – Via Canada post

please Note that Source I.T. does not take responsibility for any lost items shipped via Canada post. Refunds will not be issued for items that do not arrive shipped via this courier. 


When the Customer places an order and instructs Source I.T. Inc to use a 3rd party shipping carrier for shipment and delivery of products to Customer and/or their end user, the Customer authorizes Source I.T. Inc to bill any and all freight charges or costs related to said shipment and delivery to the account number listed on the order.

Customer represents that Customer authorized by the freight carrier or by the end user, as applicable, to use the account number and that the account number is valid, is properly formatted and is otherwise correct in all material respects.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the account number, confirming that it is valid and written in the proper format.


Source I.T. Inc warranties most parts, new and refurbished for a minimum of 30 days. There is no warranty on plastic parts. Please review our RMA Policy at the top of this Page.