About Us


The year was 2008, The first black President of the United States was elected. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio’s Merger was one of the top business deals of the year. Apple Launched a new device called the iPhone 3G (probably wasn’t going to last), and an American swimmer named Phelps broke Olympic records.

All these things were great, but here is the part about 2008 that didn’t make the news.

In 2008, a man from a small town just outside of Toronto had an innovative idea. Build a consulting company that would provide End-users, business, and maintenance companies alike the opportunity to buy their IT like they never have previously. To create a company that would challenge the way parts and repair have been supplied for decades previous. To erect an organization that would provide customers with… wait for it…wait for it. Help.

Before he knew it his dream was realized and a company with a solid Customer service base, the ability to deliver parts worldwide, and support multinational maintenance contracts were formed. Source I.T. Inc was born.

The Goal was and has always been, to provide customers with the help they need when they needed it. Become and remain the “Mechanic you can trust”. From parts supply and repair to logistics, Information technology removal, recycling and remarketing. They wanted to customize programs to meet individual partners unique organizational requirements. Comprehensive web-based quoting tools and the ability to adapt would be a requirement for its customers.


In 2010, a company based out of a small town just outside Toronto, became one of very few authorized Acer and HP Parts Distributors in Canada, why you wonder? You, the customers that’s why! Acting as a customer service extension to these organizations not only allowed this company to provide customers with the parts they needed when they needed them, regardless of manufacturer availability but also helped bring an unrecognized parts procurement and repair expertise to the forefront.

Imagine all your repair, maintenance, and upgrade parts for all makes and models available in one place.

Imagine picking up the phone to a responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly helpful individual with your requirements as their top priority.

This story, much like this company, is unlike any other story you may have read.

This story, much like this company, requires you to be complete.

Help us complete our Story.