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Flat Rate Repair

Flat Rate repair or replace programs

Bring your broken equipment back to NEW with One Cost Repair.

Flat Rate repair services is a unique organizational driven program that is virtually unmatched I.T. industry.  Often maintenance contracts or extended warranties are used at an attempt to off set repair costs.  However, in the cost-concious mind of the consumer the frequent questions of why pay for a repair for a unit that is not broken? continues to arise. To that end,  we would like to introduce a repair and replacement program where the future costs are known upfront, but not paid until something breaks.

Many organizations tend to migrate to one model of the same notebook, desktop, and/or printers across the board. Ongoing maintenance of this equipment can be costly, but does it need to be?

What if a maintenance program other than the traditional high-cost maintenance contract existed?

What if a program existed that could turn out a replacement in less than 24hrs?

What if your repair costs was fixed, but only payable when something broke?

Here is how it works;

Over the years we have seen a significant increase in cost-conscious program requests. Our partners will often contact us with a detailed list of the equipment they need to support in a cost-controlled and effective manner.

Our flat rate repair and depot repair program offers an opportunity for any cost-concious organizatoin to maintain a flat rate cost for repair regardless of the problem. Local stock of replacement units or parts only expedites the repair process.

When something breaks you call us, we ship you a replacement and/or provide you with a tag number to have your equipment repaired. Turn around is quick, and the process is efficient.

The cost effectiveness of this program coupled with our procurement and repair capabilities delivers a solution to your organization that meets the needs of the user and maintains the sanity of your IT staff.

Source I.T.’s Flat Rate repair – a mind blowing experience. 

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