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Excess Inventory – Exit Strategy

Excess Inventory – Exit Strategy

Why Keep IT when you don’t have to?

Excess IT inventory ofter proves as a challenge for most organizations. In order to succeed in today’s fast changing competitive market, VAR’s and  Small to Large size business alike are faced with the daunting task of reducing their product/equipment exposure during and post Service maintenance contract periods and/or equipment lifetime.

Source I.T. and our affiliates have designed a program to strategy assist in the reduction of cycle times and unnecessary inventory investment/exposure post/during contracts and equipment life cycles.

How does it work?

Our Consignment program includes:

Inventory Auditing

  • Our audit process encompasses a receiving, inspecting and testing procedure where the quantity and quality of the product is verified and valued.  This process allows us to market your equipment to our customers, eensuring its quality and maximizing the return to you the consignee.

Online Inventory marketing

  • Once our audit process has been completed and inventory reports submitted to our consignee, the marketing and resale process begins.  With an online presence of over 2 million parts sku’s, and relationships with over 10 000 IT industry brokers, wholesalers, and specialists, your product will have exposure on multiple levels to qualified buyers worldwide.

Monthly reports

  • Monthly inventory, progress and sales reports will be provided at a date of your choosing. Sales progress reports are generated inclusive of the total amount owing on the inventory split.

Wholesale and recycling solutions for EOL product.

  • Depending on the consignee’s expected inventory Cycle, the option to wholesale or recycle equipment will exist. Although wholesale is not always the number one choice to retain as much value as possible it is certainly one of the best options to liquidate unwanted/needed equipment.

Once your inventory is received and processed through Audit, the average sales cycle is between 3 and 6 months depending on the age and quality of the product provided.

At the End of the Day, Excess/Overstock/End of life inventory is not your business!!

Source I.T. and our group of companies are in the business of providing cost effective (and sometimes even profitable) solutions to our customers.

EOL equipment is not your business but it is one of our specialties.

Contact us today to move your old equipment out, new equipment in and retain value. 

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