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Budget friendly digital Sourcing and Procurement

The Newest addition to the Source I.T. Inc group of companies is our an E-sourcing and E-procurement platform. QuoteTool is driving efficiencies, transparencies and cost cutting into IT related procurement and sales teams internationally. is an online E-sourcing and E-procurement platform aimed at helping organizations expedite their existing procurement process while ensuring checks and balances, transparency, and cost control. Our Free for procurement organizations model allows for quick acceptance into the market while being mindful of the often low budget availability for process improvements such as digital procurement. adversely acts as a sales tool to a sales organization, by becoming a member of our QuoteTool vendor network a supplier will have the opportunity to manage and expedite their customer requirements in one easy online database accessible from anywhere. provides Procurement departments with;

– RFQ management
– Purchase Order management
– Increased response and delivery times
– Decreased Costs via expedited multi-vendor bidding and transparency.
– improved compliance with organizational Checks and Balances
– increased reporting capabilities, on-demand cognitive reporting using real-time market or organizational statistics.
– Fully Scalable for multiple industries.
– EOL Excess inventory Exit Strategies.

E-Sourcing and E-procurement for procurement teams, without the budget exposure. provides Sales organizations with;

– Customer RFQ and PO Management
– Increased sales via inventory uploading and exposure to your customer base.
– Assurance surrounding an equal bidding process
– Increase order fill rate and delivery via leveraged Supply Chains.
– Alignment of organizational sales teams and contacts
– Increased report availability and accuracy via real-time network statistics and analytics.
– Inventory and organizational exposure to real-time buyers
– Ability to quote customers multiple conditions and substitution allowing for greater options and acceptance.

QuoteTool has uniquely positioned itself as an augmentation rather than a replacement for existing procurement software and practices. We act as a go-between for sales and purchasing bridging the gap and making the transactional business of commodity buying and selling easier and more efficient.

(Expected Full V3 Release 3rd Quarter 2017)

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