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Digital Procurement now exists via Source I.T.’s NEW fully responsive cloud-based application; Our New application comes complete with a scalable back end that connects your organization and it’s many departments to your chosen supplier base. Streamlining your JIT procurement process to 15 mins rather than the hours and days it might take you today.

This web-based solution will provide your business with the ability to get quotes on the go, Quote customers, order parts, and provide ETAs in a matter of minutes from any device. Coupled with your internal software using MySQL the overall improvements could be game changing for your organization. Additional benefits/features include :

Additional features :

  • Lower overall pricingMarket Driven Stock Reports coupled with procurement checks and balances, help to drive less pricing exposure to on your daily or monthly requirements. 
  • Faster Delivery times – in the same fashion RFQ’s, stock checks, and orders are processed directly from the application in minutes, therefore increasing delivery times and equally important time spent on the Procurement process. 
  • Process adjustments – Not only is it a quicker tool, but also adaptable to your organizational processes with; in application approvals, stock checks, and any additional process requirements needed. 
  • Real-time inventorycheck your internal Inventory and those of your authorized vendors.
  • Organizational Transparencyemails and software notifications to all organizational departments and staff needed.  (ie. on site tech, Purchasing agents, Sales agents,  and your supplier’s Sales Team.
  • Communication Instant messaging and notifications on individual orders, to internal team members, or to your vendor base.  
  • Quote/Order tracking –  Purchasing teams, Sales agents, technicians, and management can track satus of individual quotes, or orders in real time.
  • Reportscustomizable reports for tracking, usage, geographical requirements based on just your organization or all users. 
  • Cost control and sales targets real time spend chart outlining previous week/month/year spend or sales giving you a real-time snapshot of your current progress.

A widely used Quotetool is going to provide you with overall market knowledge regardless of your industry.  Leading to the opportunity for your organizations to get a better sense of your requirements in particular geographies. This ultimately translates to better JIT stocking by your suppliers and lower prices with faster delivery. can change the way that you do business, support your customers, and directly affect your bottom line. Whether it’s via sales or procurement or both is your opportunity to digitize your business in a cloud based environment connecting all that need to be in the know.   By the way, IT’s FREE is revolutionizing the way that you do business, If profit is important, than you register today.

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Version 2.0 web app software requires an approval for full functionality. 

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